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Do you suffer from stress, or simply want to spend a week immersed in nature?

In the next few lines you will find out how to practice yoga and learn truly effective techniques to live in harmony, even the toughest days!

At last you have the opportunity to live a fun, regenerating and formative experience, which combines the pleasure of a holiday in nature and practicing yoga, breathing and laughing, giving you an opportunity to experience and learn practices and habits that can make a huge difference in your life!


vacanze yogaA time and space dedicated to you, where you can find contact with your core, in Tuscany, a place of extraordinary natural beauty, away from pollution and continuous stimulus of the city. A chance to gather within and share with others.

Practicing yoga brings benefits and regeneration on all levels of the being. This holiday is an opportunity to practice yoga with continuity for several days, assimilate it and enjoy its benefits. As well as being a time for you to rest, relax and practice, you’ll have the opportunity to learn real and effective tools which you can use in your everyday life, even once the holiday is over!


  • ·         To experience a deeply relaxing space and time
  • ·         To regenerate physically and mentally
  • ·         To live a week in nature
  • ·         To detox and regenerate thanks to natural eating
  • ·         To hike and practice yoga immersed in uncontaminated nature
  • ·         To meet new people
  • ·         To experience and learn effective practices that you can make your own
  • ·         To enjoy moments of gathering, sharing, relaxation and fun
  • ·         To awaken your vital energy needed to face everyday duties


vacanze yogaThis is an extremely useful holiday for you to improve your everyday wellbeing, where you’ll be able to spend a whole week in the most uncontaminated nature and practice the best yoga for you. Here are the available activities to improve your lifestyle:

Yoga practice every day in the morning and afternoon (warm up, holding a position, relaxation, breathing, meditation and concentration exercises), and learning how and why yoga can be of great benefit, and how to apply it in your everyday life.

Laughter yoga sessions – breathing techniques and playing which stimulate laughter, which then becomes spontaneous…The benefits on body and emotions are numerous and scientifically proven. The endorphins which are released while laughing produce:

  • enthusiasm
  • optimism, empathy and connection with others
  • deeply positive mental attitude, which allows to see life through new eyes, thus see new solutions
  • muscular and mental relaxation
  • A practice that allows you to get in touch with your ‘core’…while laughing!!

Breathing sessions: breathing is the most essential vital function…and the most neglected! Think about how much we pay attention to the quality of food, water, or a good mattress for a quality sleep…and how little we dedicate to the quality of our breathing!

This is something which determines the quality of our life under many aspects. During this week you will have the opportunity to learn about and understand how and why breathing properly is so vital, and how this affects your health, thoughts and emotions.

And, even more importantly, you will be able to experience breathing sessions through a modality which will allow you to relax and expand your breathing structure in a deep and effective way. Breathing is Life…the more the Breathing, the more the Life, a better Breathing to a Better Life!

Hikes in the surrounding area.There are various treks of different difficulty that can be walked. Torrents, springs, wild animals, big trees, all offer amazing landscapes and peaceful moments.

Collaborative Activities: the opportunity to participate to the farm’s activities, such as natural cooking, learning about wild herbs, picking up vegetables in the garden, and whatever else is on in the moment. Being this a small family owned farm, all participants are invited to care for the surroundings, and contribute actively to the ongoing chorus, being the spirit of this holiday that of conviviality and sharing. However, there will be plenty of free time to relax on your own or in company alone.

Active participation to farm activities: this was designed in order to give you the chance to learn the most in such a limited time. In fact, as well as relaxing, another main objective of this holiday is sharing with others, as this improves the learning process and the effectiveness of this holiday!

Relax only the sounds of nature, the glare of the stars at night, and food that facilitates a detoxification process, as well as beneficial wild herbs teas.

Surroundings: the area offers numerous historical and cultural spots to visit. The nearby medieval towns of Sansepolcro and Anghiari (the latter of a rare beauty), the council museum hosting the artwork of Piero della Francesca, the Franciscan monasteries of Cerbaiolo and Montecasale, beautiful ancient buildings located in suggestive spots; the Aboca herbs museum, birthplace to Michelangelo…overall, a wide range of opportunities for those who wish to visit the area.

Where will I spend my yoga holiday?

vacanze yogaThe place is  a recently restored ancient wood and stone farmhouse, located 12 km from Sansepolcro, It borders with the Alpe della Luna (Moon Alp) Natural Reserve. The farm is surrounded by acres and acres of woods, and it is ideal for hiking, meeting wild animals, and living in absolute tranquillity. This is the ideal place for those who want to take a break and take a regenerating dive into the green…and into the wonderful experience which an excellent workout on body, breathing and healthy and delicious nutrition can offer.

For more info and pictures, check the farmhouse website: http://www.casalealpedellaluna.it/   

what those how already partecipate tell about it

An encounter with one’ self, with others, with nature; all so simple, yet so profound. In a week the opposites met: the individual work and the group one. Getting to know one’ self and others, seriousness and lightness of the spirit. Yoga seen as union was experienced in all its forms. Shanty, the yoga teacher and course facilitator, led this beautiful journey. She is an excellent teacher, always available to assist. I’m taking many things with me back home, especially the sense of belonging to something that is beyond my own self, which start with the simple breathing.


Nunzia Diloreto (Milano)

 “An experience of serenity, sharing, simpleness…the vital breath I was looking for”

Matilde Galleani (Milano)

Practicing yoga with a group of rich and sociable people gave me a sense of lightness I needed to walk my path freely and fluently.

Cristian Renghi (Città di Castello)

The yoga holiday was a regenerating experience, not only for the fantastic yoga practice taught by Shanty, the fresh and clean  air, and the excellent vegetarian cuisine, but there is more: an inner journey aimed to reach a state of peace within and, therefore, with others. Everybody would need this to detach from the routine, the mechanical and stressful pace which we all live by nowadays. A pleasant and wild comeback to nature, combined with the wonderful yoga practice, which manages to melt off the blockages of both body and mind.

RariCamiscia (Ancona)

At last I have learned that breathing is joy, pain, taking, letting go, smiling, crying…breathing is LIFE! Thank you Shanti!

Marina Tona (Milano)

Yoga in a beautiful place, with fantastic people. I had a lot of fun and would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a DIFFERENT, STRONG, UNIQUE and PLEASANT experience.

Fabiano Serra. (Arezzo) 

Who is this experience right for?

  • vacanze yogaThose who feel the need to pause and take care of themselves;
  • Those who want to find vitality and regeneration for body, mind, soul and emotions
  • those who love nature and silence
  • those who want to alternate introspection moments and playful sharing ones
  • those who want to meet new people
  • those who appreciate a healthy and genuine lifestyle

Not indicated for:

  • those who expect to be fully served
  • those who are terrified by a small insect and don’t love wild nature
  • those who are not open to sharing moments of the day with others with a playful spirit
  • those who find it a problem to trek for 4km on a rural road
  • those who think that a place that is 12 km away from the main village is “unreachable”
  • those who are afraid of silence

This is a special moment of sharing and growth even for us organizing it; as such, it is important to us that all participants feel in tune with the spirit of our proposal.


The holiday will be in July from 21st to 27th. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 12/14

Contact me now to reserve your place!


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